Instantly stream “Well, Well, Well!” Bible stories for kids. It’s a brand new video series where humorous puppets recreate timeless Bible Stories that children love. Join the puppets in their neighborhood as they confront, in real and contemporary ways, the forever-truths of God’s story.

Available in English and Spanish “Well, Well, Well!” presents God’s way to enjoy life on a level above the chaos of a broken world. Navigate contemporary topics through Bible lessons guided by creators Yvonne and David Roller; topics like diversity, creation, sexuality, the value of work, heaven, and many more. These lessons connect what you care about; Bible lessons for children, understandable theology, and the well-being of our families, all through this engaging multi-cultural cast of puppets who pass on life-principles to the next generations. They’re perfect for Sunday School lessons, homeschooling Bible curriculum, Vacation Bible School, Bible lessons for kids, or your own family devotional time.

“Well, Well, Well!” is the creation of David & Yvonne Roller; long-time missionaries and now Bishop in the Free Methodist Church, along with the puppeteers at Big Heater Media. Each episode includes a Bible Story for children portrayed by the quirky rabbit family puppets and live characters, a Christian music video, discussion questions, and engaging arts and crafts activities; all forming a Christian curriculum that shares God’s way with children and their parents. Enjoy watching these 12 Bible story episodes (each one approximately 20 minutes long) with children or grandchildren. Allow the Lord to use His truths to lay a solid foundation for their precious lives. Come join the adventure and fun of the “Well, Well, Well!” neighborhood!